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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Seksuality Malaysia

SubhanAllah.. What now?? A gathering to show discrimination against sexuality discrimination? In Malaysia? You got that right.

I know, i ain't no angle and i myself have walked the road of sin (and still is on it..), but to know that this actually is happening here is shameful. First and foremost, homosexuality IS A SIN not on for Muslims, but to ALL RELIGIONS. 

To discriminate it is a way of showing we do not cordon nor show support. So why do we have to tolerate with something that we know is wrong at all levels. You want to educate people against homophobia, you say. Why educate people to not go against what you know is wrong? Why? Why bring all the attention to yourself?

Yes.. They want to be accepted, not to be bullied, not to be called names. and want us to respect their freedom of sexuality. but please do it elsewhere.


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