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Monday, 19 December 2011

Too smart for their own good...

Its saddening what we're seeing in the news lately. In the race towards achieving worldly rankings and development, we have somehow managed to lose our integrity. 

Muslims are now becoming more 'civilized' & 'westernised' (or so they think...). It was already becoming obvious, but recently, it has become something that we can't really ignore. This plague, if left unattended, will soon become a disease.

A week or so back, Tweetville was bombed about this missy calld Tengku Sophia who openly declares her hatred towards Muslims, Islam, Malaysia & Singapore. It was going on and on for a good coupla days till the news of Ariff Alfian's gay wedding in Britain hits the streets. His is kinda sick actually. 

Event chronology as follows:
1. SPM high achiever obtains Petronas scholarship to study in the UK 
2. Parents and family members lost contact and reported him missing
3. Pictures of his 'marriage' to a gay chap in a Britain church hits the social network
4. Petronas issues a summon to his parents to repay his loan which amounts to RM890000
5. Malaysia Embassy in Ireland confirms that he's there and is aware that he has been in Ireland for awhile but not able to reveal his whereabouts 

Sad huh. The pictures say for themselves. I'm not gonna post any pictures here. If you wanna view 'em, google Ariff Alfian for tweetps, just search #AriffAlfian. Be warned, images & comments are so yucky. Might cause nausea and fatigue. *faints*

Anyways, remember the maths genius turned hooker Sufiah sumthing? So does this all show that being born a genius is not so good after all? Or does these geniuses think too much and too hard that it ruins their thoughts? *thinks* This 'freedom of everything' is getting to our nerves. Human rights this, the rights to this and that. Bleeurgh. When will it end. Hey peeps, know that laws and rules albeit where and who sets it, is set (and vice-verse) for a reason.

Am sure Ambiga's people (this is another case.. read: Sexuality Merdeka / #SeksualitiMerdeka) will be beaming with smiles as bright as sunshine by now. Dammit!

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