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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Singapore Trip '12

Things we do for a buck. Too many things happening in my life right now that just keeping up with myself is tiresome. I need to slow down and thats what i did.

Finally got the well awaited trip with Kiki after our botched honeymoon more than a year ago. Nowhere fancy but sure expensive (to us that is) - the residence of the famous half-lion-half-mermaid. Yups, we went home - Singapore.

You can call the trip somewhat an impromtu one. A decision made one night over tele-couching. Well you know what they say about 'umplanned trips being the most fruitful and fun one' but it sure as hell left us with a gaping hole in our wallets.

Since it was right in the middle of the school hollies, getting the coach/train tix was a nightmare. We were left to either choose the economy seat on the late train or a super expensive coach. Despite the ridiculous fare, we opted for the latter (in which we totally regret). I didn't get a wink of sleep through the journey.

Our trips home have always been quick day trips and rushing to fill up every single possible second to meet-up with families and friends. Glad that this time around, we'll have 4 full days.

Some of the pictures worth sharing. They say a picture's worth a thousand words. So with these pictures, my mouth should be full.

The 5th & 6th murtabak for the day. Buuuurp.

Of paper planes and kuti-kuti

Subhanallah.. Sultan Mosque

My reason for smiling

Its me & him. No?

Picture puuurfect! One for the album. Meet my blood people.

living for memories like this... <3


Will upload more if time permits. <3

sheena the lola

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