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Monday, 6 August 2012

Green green white

Its halfway  through Ramadhan and i've still tonnes to do before Raya comes a-knocking. This year, since we're not actively running booths, we've decided to give the house a new look with fresh paint job! Colour theme.. Green & Diamond White.

The green didn't turn out the way i imagined it would. To repaint is impossible and crazy, so i have to adapt to the new 'fresh' look.

Jotun - Diamond White

Nippon - Golden Sage 3033D
Click here for Nippon colourcard

What d'ya say of the combination. Never in my life i thought i might go green, but that's what i just did.

The best part of house painting is the painting process itself. i learned sumthing new - this is hubs first painting! OMG! hahaaaha. I have to literally beg him to not hire painters. Talk about the son of a contractor. Weird.....

Our house ain't that big. So painting shouldn't be an issue, but for first-timers, a 2-day job could drag to close of a week! psst... he is still at it as i type. go figure.

Right now, our nook is looking like a tornado zone. Will update this post with a picture or two of the 'new look'.

My to-do list for Raya is still untouched. Hopefully i could get it started on once the house painting is done for. Sigh...

What's your new Raya look..?

Assalammualaikum & XOXO

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