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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Klinik Idzham - WHAT THE EFF?!

I am so pissed that i think my keyboard will hancus from the heavy tapping! me n Mr Hubs were on our way to the mamak for late teh tarik session and we saw an accident involving a car and a pedestrian. When we passed the scene, the victim was TWITCHING on the ground and the amount of blood was just incredible. We had to stop and help. It just happened and there was only one other car stopped. They were driving when they saw the accident happen and luckily managed to break before running over the injured victim.

All were panicking and i told them to call the police. Mr Hubs rushed over to CLINIC IDZHAM Kota Damansara which is merely a stones throw away from the accident scene. This was the conversation...

"Kak, Doktor ade tak? Ade accident kat depan ni. Nak minta tlg doctor tgk. Lelaki tu cedera teruk and x sedar diri."

"Owh. Doktor ade, tp DOKTOR KAT SINI TAK BOLEH KELUAR. Apa kate adik angkat org tu bwk die ke sini."

Then she continued to membebel why the doctors aren't allowed out.

1. The clinic's empty at that time
2. It won't hurt the business if the doctor leaves just for abit to stabilize and critically injured man
3. Even if there is an emergency case that needs the doctor's urgent attention, for heaven's sake, its not even a 5 min walk!

At that time, i wondered about the oath taken by doctors years back when they first donned the white coat. The police got there and they too did not allow the man to be moved in fear for the unseen injury. I had to calm the guy coz he was starting to sedar. I guess he was in shock and couldnt feel the pain. Then after awhile, he started to scream and groan in pain. Maybe the adrenalin or shock has weaned and the nerves are getting to him. His head is a bloody mess and he was a pity sight. He even tried to get up but couldn't. 

The ambulance arrived after approximately 40mins.. During that time. Owh God, if only a doctor was there. PISSED OFF MODE!

Again, as a gentle reminder to all of us, myself included:

Humans, PLEASE BE HUMANE! A little humanity goes a very long way...

and if ade lah sesiape frm Klinik Idzham reads this. PLS COMMENT. I'd really like to know why. Don't worry, i don't bite. I just write. TQ


Raizzèn said...

I think I heard a coupla years back that the accident victim could sue you if further inspection could prove that his / her permanent disability / damages whatsoever (if any) were caused by the very caring people who moved them victims from the accident scene. Thus, people refrain from memandai mandai. So that no good deeds come back to haunt you.

Weird weird constitution of laws if its true. I'm no expert but I think thats the gist of it. The law.

Sheena Saini said...

I know that too. We didnt want the doctor to move him too, but just to check on him. See what can be done. If not, calm him down.

Anonymous said...

i experienced a terrible service from 2 male doctors in klinik idzham kota damansara.
One drives an audi and the other one i dont know and dont want to burden my memory recalling him.

Both are so rude in treating patients.

I remember well when i had a food poisoning.. the doc checkED my breast. my using his stethoscope.. WTF...

Anonymous said...

Yes...the way they treat their patients shows that the title "DR" they have is just a rubbish got from rubbish university.

Fizafa said...

I just had horrible experience with Dr ahmad zulaini bin ismail. Insensitive, lack of empathy and pretend 'alim' doctor.

Ecah said...

I also had bad experience with klinik idzham pandan indah. I wrote an email to complain direct to dr idzham himself and his reply is SERIOUSLY RUDE. he treated his patient as pathetic customer :(

Anonymous said...

Hi....i had this bad experience last august 25 with a malay female doctor in the strand mall klinik idzham ....she was very rude.. we r expecting that shes a good doctor cus was doing my check up there....i was so disappointed for her service to me...i chose to go there as tge previous doctor who attend to me was caring...but the 2nd one was the worst female doctor....i hope u take actions about this kind of doctor....shes really un proffesional .....instead of advicing what should i do cus i was she was asking insulting things to me....how can a doctor act like that....

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