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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Day two - Home cardio, self motivation

Hey yo, hey yo! At Day two of my home cardio yaw!! Yup. Inmanaged another round of cardio, this time just a tad harder then yesterday. Pheww~ u should have seen the sweat!

Anyhows..... Am still not off carbs. Opps. Slowly......... One thing at a time. Cooked 'Ayam kicap ngan black pepper' n 'telur dadar'. Sedap woo. Tapi slack, boleh plak terlupa buboh cili. Aduhai... Sgt tk syiok.

So, hubby left earlier today. One of his mentor in Orchestra, passed away.. Ya Allah, tempatkanlah roh arwah Mohd Asnawi di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Al-Fatihah..

Weight now: 62.5 kg
Target weight by next friday: 60 kg
Ideal weight: 48 kg (banyak nyer lg..... Go go go!)

Signing off
Sheena the phat fat lola

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Home cardio excercise

Remember in todays earlier post i did, ention about how much i feel like a cow? After much self encouragememt, i literally yanked myself off the sofa and tapped on the self cardio exercise app i downloaded frm i dont kmow when. It started well with the furst on the spot skipping n then jumping jacks and lunges. Then... I felt it. The pain on my calves!!

Owh no!! I forgot my warm-ups! Dush! Okay. So thats a start. Will log on everyday on my progress.

Weighing in at: 62.7 kg
Target weight by next friday: 60 kg
Ideal weight: 48 kg

Hip hio hop signing off!

Confessions of a Fat Phat (Phat Fat) Lady

Hey hey hello! How's life everybedi... I know no one's missing me, owh well be it. :) Nothing new, all is same'o, same'o. I miss blogging! And i certainly miss shopping and bazaar-ing!
Guess most of you would have already known of H&M's opening. Found most of the pics online and everyone of those who went looked incredible. Hi-five for malaysian fashion!
Am dying to squeeze myself into size 2's again.. psst... i think i'm a size 8 now and fast moving to the next digit yo! See.. it's not like i don't like fashion or nice clothings, its just that when you're short tort and fat like moi, fashionable dressing can look really ridiculous and OTT. Ahh.. Shaite!
See.. Lately, i'm battling a ghost of myself. I do not like to see myself in photographs! All due to the super weight gain that i'm facing now. Gosh! I look like a bloated cow from every angle! Even lighting techniques don't seem to help.
I have to lose weight. Ya, i must have sounded like a broken record. But the fats just dont go! hahahaaa.. blame it on myself. I start binging and stopped exercising. Boo me. Need to get hyped up on jogging. err.. or just getting my butt off the chair.
Okay. Me makes a promise to attend jazercise again. Starting OCTOBER. yes. October. U heard it guys... So now gotta go buy new shoes?? Hahhaaaa.. excuses, excuses..
signing off!


Friday, 24 August 2012

Going mobile

How cool is this?? Project Shemarki maybe? or for The Marketplace?

Monday, 6 August 2012

Green green white

Its halfway  through Ramadhan and i've still tonnes to do before Raya comes a-knocking. This year, since we're not actively running booths, we've decided to give the house a new look with fresh paint job! Colour theme.. Green & Diamond White.

The green didn't turn out the way i imagined it would. To repaint is impossible and crazy, so i have to adapt to the new 'fresh' look.

Jotun - Diamond White

Nippon - Golden Sage 3033D
Click here for Nippon colourcard

What d'ya say of the combination. Never in my life i thought i might go green, but that's what i just did.

The best part of house painting is the painting process itself. i learned sumthing new - this is hubs first painting! OMG! hahaaaha. I have to literally beg him to not hire painters. Talk about the son of a contractor. Weird.....

Our house ain't that big. So painting shouldn't be an issue, but for first-timers, a 2-day job could drag to close of a week! psst... he is still at it as i type. go figure.

Right now, our nook is looking like a tornado zone. Will update this post with a picture or two of the 'new look'.

My to-do list for Raya is still untouched. Hopefully i could get it started on once the house painting is done for. Sigh...

What's your new Raya look..?

Assalammualaikum & XOXO

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WW - Black Turq Day

Wordless Wednesday - Black Turq day :)

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Singapore Trip '12

Things we do for a buck. Too many things happening in my life right now that just keeping up with myself is tiresome. I need to slow down and thats what i did.

Finally got the well awaited trip with Kiki after our botched honeymoon more than a year ago. Nowhere fancy but sure expensive (to us that is) - the residence of the famous half-lion-half-mermaid. Yups, we went home - Singapore.

You can call the trip somewhat an impromtu one. A decision made one night over tele-couching. Well you know what they say about 'umplanned trips being the most fruitful and fun one' but it sure as hell left us with a gaping hole in our wallets.

Since it was right in the middle of the school hollies, getting the coach/train tix was a nightmare. We were left to either choose the economy seat on the late train or a super expensive coach. Despite the ridiculous fare, we opted for the latter (in which we totally regret). I didn't get a wink of sleep through the journey.

Our trips home have always been quick day trips and rushing to fill up every single possible second to meet-up with families and friends. Glad that this time around, we'll have 4 full days.

Some of the pictures worth sharing. They say a picture's worth a thousand words. So with these pictures, my mouth should be full.

The 5th & 6th murtabak for the day. Buuuurp.

Of paper planes and kuti-kuti

Subhanallah.. Sultan Mosque

My reason for smiling

Its me & him. No?

Picture puuurfect! One for the album. Meet my blood people.

living for memories like this... <3


Will upload more if time permits. <3

sheena the lola

Saturday, 11 February 2012

My moment with Him.. Subhanallah.. (My Reality Check)

Last two nights, something 'out-of-the-world' happened to me. It has become a practice for Kiki to let the player run on Quran recital while we sleep. That night was no different. Usually, on any other days, the soothing voice of the uztaz reciting the holy verses will put me to deep sleep almost instantly. But not that night. My head seemed to wonder. 

Bad memories revisited
Scenes from my sinful days start to play in my head in loops! And it won't stop. There wasn't a particular wrongdoing, but everything from the time when i had lied to mama some twenty years back to the days when sobriety is what i looked down on. 

They didn't unfold in a video style type, but more of flashes. Weird enough, it feels like i'm outside looking at what i did and feeling the regret and shame.

During that time too i could feel like being in a grave. The feeling where i'm constraint and can't move. I was dead. Remember what we used to learn as a kid? If you steal, ur hands will be chopped of in the lifeafter? I pictured them in my head with me as the subject. Scary kan?

In my heart i keep saying how will Allah ever forgive me. How do i face him? I'm not ready and i've strayed too far; sinned too much. 

Subhanallah.. Subhannallah.. Astaghfirullah.. Astaghfirullah..

Angle of Death - Malaikat Maut - Izrail
In the middle of all those chaos in my head and still not able to sleep, i suddenly remembered something that i have read and heard in one of the ceramah agama on the telly. 

Sebuah hadis Nabi s.a.w yang diriwayatkan oleh Abdullah bin Abbas r.a, bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang maksudnya:

Bahawa malaikat maut memerhati wajah manusia di muka bumi ini 70 kali dalam sehari. Ketika Izrail datang merenung wajah seseorang, didapati orang itu ada yang gelak-ketawa. 

Maka berkata Izrail: Alangkah hairannya aku melihat orang ini, sedangkan aku diutus oleh Allah Taala untuk mencabut nyawanya, tetapi dia masih berseronok-seronok dan bergelak ketawa.

I felt a sharp pain in my heart and a feeling came sweeping in. Is this is? Is this the time. Am i being visited. My heart felt 'sebak'. I can't describe the feeling, just very very very sad. Then i got scared.  

I think by this time i was already drifting into sleep. I was half awake. But the moment i felt that my feet was going to sleep and feeling numb, i panicked and thought inikah saat nyawa ku diambil? My heart was about to burst.

I looked at my hubby long and stared into his face. He was asleep. I wanted to hug him and tell him i'm scared. I wanna tell him i might not wake up tomorrow and this may be the last time i get to see him. I wanted to say sorry and thank you. But i couldn't bring myself to do that. So i just stared and kept staring at him.

Too scared and panicky, i just bolted off to take my wudhuk and pray. I remembered telling myself, if this is indeed my last moments. What am i doing just lying down. Mama always tells me if i am engulfed in these emotions and it gets too hard to bear, go pray. Ya Allah. I forgot my isyak. Not forget actually, just lazy. Astaghfirullah..

I could still physically hear my heart beating a million beats before the recognizable electric surges (my panic attacks) sweeps through my body. If you have been reading my blog, i remember mentioning about my panic attacks some years back. Slowly after the first rakaat, i felt ease. I was trying to recite the doas slowly and trying my best to kusyuk (menyelami maksud doa2 solat).

Al-Fatihah (terjemahan)
Dengan nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani. Segala puji tertentu bagi Allah, Tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbirkan sekalian alam. Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani. Yang Menguasai pemerintahan hari Pembalasan (hari Akhirat). Engkaulah sahaja (Ya Allah) Yang Kami sembah, dan kepada Engkaulah sahaja kami memohon pertolongan. Tunjukilah kami jalan yang lurus. Iaitu jalan orang-orang yang Engkau telah kurniakan nikmat kepada mereka, bukan (jalan) orang-orang yang Engkau telah murkai, dan bukan pula (jalan) orang-orang yang sesat.


in English

In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful. All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. The Beneficient, the Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgement. Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help. Keep us on the right path. The path of those whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor those who go astray.


I sat and prayed hard for his forgiveness after the solat. I know it will never be enough. 

What did i pray for? Let this be between me and Him. I just knew that i felt much better instantly.

So what actually happened? What was i to call this weird but enlightened episode? Only He knows but it sure gave me somewhat of an enlightenment or i could just call it 'My Reality Check'.

P/s: hahaa... actually i can 'forsee' muka2 meluat after reading this post. I know the thing first thing thats running in your head even after the first few lines will be "Alaah. Dia ni, nak berlagak alim lah tu. Macam lah aku tak kenal dulu dia ni macam mane. Kaki segala gala gejala lah. Name it. She's done it." And deep in my heart i know that maybe a handful of you. No. Maybe one or two of you will say "Alhamdulillah.. Untung Sheena dpt petunjuk mcm tu.."

You might find these useful too. My reads:

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Stagnant and deprived

Everything is going on a downhill since the start of the new year. New changes that i have to quickly adapt to and also the constant emotional roller coaster of Trying to Conceive is making me feel bummed and useless, thus the spikes seen on my stress level. 

My parents for one is sigh.. being parents.. 

So am i prepared for another round of pain and heartbreak? I'm kinda tired just thinking about whatever is happening around me now.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Android Market - iQuran di Tabla-lala saya :)

Weee! January is ending in a few days! Cepat kan? New update - my new gadget : Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus. Absolutely loving it and still learning to adapt to the 'paperless' era. I still gak smp skang biler ade important notes to take down, capai gak tangan ni grab paper and scribble2. Pastu br re-type kat dlm tab. Cam bangang kan? Hahaa. Takpe, slow2. Changes pun mane leh mendadak, ye tak? Kang tersungkuh.

Best gak tab neh. Apps xyah cakap arr. Banyak... Dari day one dok belek2 kat Android Market nk tgk app ape yg menarik utk di-download. There's fun and silly games, educational thingys, lifestyle, religious etc. Searched 'Quran' and browsed through lah semua app kan to carik the one that i feel most updated, current and user friendly. The result quite amazed me. Finally found one in particular called iQuran. Though the one i downloaded is the Lite/Free version, i still find it sufficient and adequate. It also comes with recitation (u can select from a number of ustaz for the recitation. Go PRO and u'll have more choices). Best part, it also comes with translations. Yes. English translations for easier reading. Jgn lah salah anggap plak. Bukan tk reti membace melayu. Just easier to paham when in english. 

Taken from my Tab 7+ (its easier to see when in its original size ;)

Anyways, since both my SILs bought tabs too, tolong lah diorang menyumbat apps games and educational yang befitting for toddlers and preschoolers. Have to admit i was taken aback at how educational methods have changed from during my days where books were 'the' tool for studies and games are almost all the time physical, and rough, and outdoors and always ends up with sweat and sometimes blood. Sigh.. Those were the days.  Islamic apps ade gak for that age group. Lagi best dari adults nyer tau! Mane tak nyer, gambar ade cartoon2, ade colourful graphics and recital plak from kids themselves! Beat that! Nak tau which one? Try this : Muslim Kids Series: Dua. Another one yg i rase all tech savvy Muslim parents should have on their gadget is the Alif Ba Ta app.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Ombak Rindu - My tear fest 2011

By the time i'm busy typing this, the good 3/4 of Malaysia has already seen this movie. Ombak Rindu aired with el fantastico reviews. The synopsis of the story, as such:

A kampung girl was sold into prostitution by her deranged uncle in KL only to be 'saved' by a spoil brat who bought her from her pimp to become his sex slave. In time, with her relentless prayers for her safety and maruah, he married her. Love blooms from then on.. Only problem, he couldn't announce the marriage as he was about to be married to his childhood friend of the family. The girl, being an actress, is ever so willing to marry him albeit his numerous attempts to tell her that he wants to discontinue the wedding plans as he does not love her and is in love with someone else. The marriage happened as planned but his feelings towards his wife never dies. 

What happened next? Just go watch it already aite! This movie is a classic malay tear fest. Seriously. I started to drizzle in the first 5 minutes, rained at 15 and hailstorm till the end! Even blogging about it sets a tear jerk tug in my heart. Sigh.. The DQ is back. Bring out the tissues yo!!

There were a few quotes in the movie that till today, still brings that uncomfortable feeling. This one hits the spot for me (after the other many hits lah. heheeehe)

"Saat paling bahagia untuk seseorang wanita itu apabila dia dapat melahirkan zuriat dari sesorang yang paling disayanginya..." Mak Jah

On the VC from Hafiz & Adila, i have mix reviews. I love the lyrics n melody, but hate the VC. hehee. U wanna watch it? Here goes...

 Adira :
Tuhan tolong lembutkan hati dia
Untuk terima ku seadanya
Kerna ku tak sanggup
Kerna ku tak mampu
Hidup tanpa dia di sisi ku

Hafiz :
Tuhan aku tahu banyak dosa ku
Hanya ingat Kamu kala duka ku
Namun hanya Kamu yang mampu membuka
Pintu hatinya untuk cintaku

Adira :
Malam kau bawalah rinduku
Untuk dirinya yang jauh dari ku
Agar dia tidak kesepian
Selalu rasa ada cinta agung

Hafiz :
Hujan bawa air mata ku
Yang mengalir membasuh luka ku
Agar dia tahu ku terseksa
Tanpa cinta dia di hatiku

Hafiz & Adira :
Hanya mampu terserah
Moga cahaya di penanti

Tuhan tolong lembutkan hati dia
Untuk terima ku seadanya

Kerna ku tak sanggup
Kerna ku tak mampu
Hidup tanpa dia di sisi ku

After watching the movie..... Each time i hear this, i'll have that awkward moment. The lyrics too is superbly good. Kudos all!

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