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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Android Market - iQuran di Tabla-lala saya :)

Weee! January is ending in a few days! Cepat kan? New update - my new gadget : Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus. Absolutely loving it and still learning to adapt to the 'paperless' era. I still gak smp skang biler ade important notes to take down, capai gak tangan ni grab paper and scribble2. Pastu br re-type kat dlm tab. Cam bangang kan? Hahaa. Takpe, slow2. Changes pun mane leh mendadak, ye tak? Kang tersungkuh.

Best gak tab neh. Apps xyah cakap arr. Banyak... Dari day one dok belek2 kat Android Market nk tgk app ape yg menarik utk di-download. There's fun and silly games, educational thingys, lifestyle, religious etc. Searched 'Quran' and browsed through lah semua app kan to carik the one that i feel most updated, current and user friendly. The result quite amazed me. Finally found one in particular called iQuran. Though the one i downloaded is the Lite/Free version, i still find it sufficient and adequate. It also comes with recitation (u can select from a number of ustaz for the recitation. Go PRO and u'll have more choices). Best part, it also comes with translations. Yes. English translations for easier reading. Jgn lah salah anggap plak. Bukan tk reti membace melayu. Just easier to paham when in english. 

Taken from my Tab 7+ (its easier to see when in its original size ;)

Anyways, since both my SILs bought tabs too, tolong lah diorang menyumbat apps games and educational yang befitting for toddlers and preschoolers. Have to admit i was taken aback at how educational methods have changed from during my days where books were 'the' tool for studies and games are almost all the time physical, and rough, and outdoors and always ends up with sweat and sometimes blood. Sigh.. Those were the days.  Islamic apps ade gak for that age group. Lagi best dari adults nyer tau! Mane tak nyer, gambar ade cartoon2, ade colourful graphics and recital plak from kids themselves! Beat that! Nak tau which one? Try this : Muslim Kids Series: Dua. Another one yg i rase all tech savvy Muslim parents should have on their gadget is the Alif Ba Ta app.


.glass hal full. said...

hye sheena.. how's life?
it's beeeen a while..
btw, baru nak beli ipad2 tapi this samsung much more interesting =)
thanks for sharing..

Sheena Saini said...

hey hey.

Life's been hmm... a mixed of the good, the bad and everything else in between. Hows u?

So u ended up with the ipad or tab?? Hehehee.. It actually goes back to preference kan? both ade their pros and cons. ;)

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