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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Confessions of a Fat Phat (Phat Fat) Lady

Hey hey hello! How's life everybedi... I know no one's missing me, owh well be it. :) Nothing new, all is same'o, same'o. I miss blogging! And i certainly miss shopping and bazaar-ing!
Guess most of you would have already known of H&M's opening. Found most of the pics online and everyone of those who went looked incredible. Hi-five for malaysian fashion!
Am dying to squeeze myself into size 2's again.. psst... i think i'm a size 8 now and fast moving to the next digit yo! See.. it's not like i don't like fashion or nice clothings, its just that when you're short tort and fat like moi, fashionable dressing can look really ridiculous and OTT. Ahh.. Shaite!
See.. Lately, i'm battling a ghost of myself. I do not like to see myself in photographs! All due to the super weight gain that i'm facing now. Gosh! I look like a bloated cow from every angle! Even lighting techniques don't seem to help.
I have to lose weight. Ya, i must have sounded like a broken record. But the fats just dont go! hahahaaa.. blame it on myself. I start binging and stopped exercising. Boo me. Need to get hyped up on jogging. err.. or just getting my butt off the chair.
Okay. Me makes a promise to attend jazercise again. Starting OCTOBER. yes. October. U heard it guys... So now gotta go buy new shoes?? Hahhaaaa.. excuses, excuses..
signing off!


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