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Sunday, 5 April 2009

This is definitly addictive!!

Have any one of you tried the latest hot-thingy quizzes application (not that latest actually, im just slow) on facebook? It's so cool that i'm actually liking it. Not that its absolutely true but it makes you wonder and smile. hahahaa.. maybe there is a hidden Hitler in you that you just don't know about.

By sheer chance and boredom, i decided to try a quiz. I started with the personality quiz. Something about which celebrity were you reborn from - "Who were you in a past life". The questions were short and simple. Not something that you have to crack your brains to answer. For the first quiz, i was stated to be "Amelia Earhart or Howard Hughes". This was what they concluded from my answers: "You were an intrepid adventurer with a love of life greater than anyone in your time. You spent your days contemplating the limits of normal life, pushing the boundaries, and seeking ways to transcend them. You’ve had your share of hardship, but you also succeeded in creating a legacy of spirit and determination that will live in history forever." Amelia Earhart i'm not so sure, but Howard Hughes? the Howard Hughes? hmm.. that's really interesting. guffaws. For one i'm now looking forward till the day i own my very own aviation company or even a media conglomerate. Lets pray... Amin...

Now, i didn't just stop at that one. Just out of curiosity, i tried another one. This time the "are you a BITCH or just very OUTSPOKEN". And the result is.... drumrolls please... "I'm a BITCH!". huaaaaahuauhauhauhuahuaahahahahhaha! SO that explains plenty! Okay now, don't get too excited. The next one is gonna shock you for sure. For the "Which historical person are you" quiz, i was named ADOLF HITLER. "Among them all you are the most brutal. You don't appreciate human life, you have your goal and you are ready to sacrifice everything to reach it, even your soul." Yes... the infamous ruler of all time.. Coincidence? Or does Hitler actually bears the same kind humanly traits as i? I don't think that i'm capable of killing an animal, let alone humankind! This is absurd, just the thought of it stinks. heheee..

Like i said, i'm addicted to it. I actually still have it open on the other tab. So off i go to do some soul-searching...

sheena the lola

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