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Monday, 30 April 2007

My name is Shereena

Ma used to tell me that my name, Shereena means tajam in arabic. a name given by tokmak after pondering through thousands of names from never-ending lists of baby names. but there's also a funny story behind my name too.
ma said that during the time i was born, there was this toilet cleaning liquid called "Serina", or something like that. ma also said that tokmak loved the product so much that she eventually named her 1st grand-daughter after it. The brand name was given an uplift suited for a girl, thus the name Shereena.
Being the first grandchild and the only daughter has its perks. i got what i want, all i have to do is the ultimate baby's fav pastime. Demand and Conquer. That didn't help me in the descipline dept. I've always gotten what i wanted.
I was alone and pampered by the whole Taib generation for a solid 3yrs when i recdeived my competitions. But that didn't stop them from spoiling me still as the competitions seemed not a competition after all. So i got my way still.
Tok mak took great lengths to protect me and make me happy, she thought. This all ended when ma took me back. She started to discipline me. Not in a bad way, but i became very rebellious. Shouting and screaming my demands. But ma and ayah never wavered. They had patience (although i always wore them thin).. hehee..
to be continued...

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