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Monday, 13 August 2007

The Infamous Namewee and his Negaraku Vid

Namewee, a name that before this was never heard before. Someone that shone to the limelight due to his infamous rap song - Negarakuku.

Namewee, a Malaysian student in a Taiwan university caused an uproar when he actually rapped the Negaraku. Not only did he changed the genre, but also the entire lyrics. He recieved headlines, criticisms and even some applauds for his somewhat "brave" act.

His lyrics may sound abit harsh with a slur of racism, plagiarism and a little bit more, but think deep my frens. Would he be cursing on his own? I'd be baffled if he does.

Many had voiced out transparency, anti-corruption and democracy, but none this creative. To me, he got what he wanted. Which is, to get ppl to listen to his two pennies worth.. I'm not saying this in support of his work, but just to show that democracy is actually still a big stagnant air that's been hovering over our heads.

Take this as an eye-openner, or as a slap in our very-thick-skinned faces. Lets see his rationalle behind his words. Maybe just his motives.

This is just my thought.. Don't shoot me for it..

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