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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

My Home...?

HOME - What is a home? A house? A place you live in? Simply a residence? It's not rocket science, it's just where your heart longs to be. You can be born and raised somewhere else, but that's not home. You can live in total luxury and that still is not your home. So again, simply said, a home is where your heart longs to be. A place where memories bad and good are made, a place where relationships develops, blossoms or sours, a place that no matter where you are, you still miss it dearly.

I'm a Malaysian. A proud one that is for 10 years now. Often a time, my mind wonders away to Singapore, to the familiar faces, the strict discipline, the marvelous food and my many childhood friends. I weep when i miss it too much.

Since migrating to Malaysia in 1996, i've had a fair share of good and bad memories. Some of which makes me really feel like wanting to leave this place. Even now, I beam when i talk to others about singapore and its many interesting places. I won't shut my gap and could go on for hours at a time.

I was born in Kandang Kerbau Maternity Hospital aka KKH (the BIGGEST IN S'PORE!! even the famed M.Nasir was born there). I lived my first few years in Bedok Resevoir and moved to Tampines. I went to Tao Nan School before entering Damai Secondary.

I especially love the beaches, spending endless hours there. My friends and I were a bunch of goofballs, playing pranks, skipping school and the sorts. hahhaaa.. all the fun we had were when we were naughty and being teenagers. We'd share juicy secrets and gossips at amazing lengths, regardless of place and time. We'd go on double or triple or more dates and do what teenagers do. We didnt mind the lengthy school hours as it meant spending more time together to do "our stuffs". We'd have sleepovers all the time. We were only sixteen.

And suddenly, ma felt that life in Malaysia would be much better. She wants to be closer to her family who had moved to Malaysia much earlier. Dad said that the change will be good. I don't agree. I was made to stay put till i completed my GCE O'Levels. It was tough living all by yourself at such a tender or shall i say, confused age. Had to travel frequently to KL by myself, missing my family a whole lot. Most of the time, i'll go to my aunt's just to have some family around.

Ma, "sensed" that I was lonely and needed the family when i started acting up. Mixing with the bad hats, starting to show streaks of rebellion and such. Truancy and tardiness became my prominent middle name. My grades suffered too when i adopted the name. Ma thought she had to save me from falling even harder and decided to migrate me to KL a little earlier than planned.

I actually wasn't a slacker or becoming one. I attended my ballet lessions and recitals, I still went to boat-rowing and track practices. I just hated going to school. I hated not having a family around to whine, cry and laugh. I was just depressed.

Now that i'm here, i believe, and honestly believe, that a home is where your family is. Coz everything is nothing without them..

Where is yours...?

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Ratu Syura said...

My mom was born at kandang kerbau too.. :) I totally agree with you. I'm staying at KL away from my family, and I miss them loads. Home is definitely where the fam is.. :)

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