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Friday, 10 August 2007


I have a deep passion for shoes. I absolutely love flats, the cute ballerinas and the sexy ones that blig. Shoes are forever on my wish-list. I never seem to have enough of shoes. It don't actually matter if they are expensive or cheap. What matters the most is that they are cool, a reflection of my mood (we'll go deeper into this topic later) and somewhat comfy.

Many a times, when situation allows, i'll splurge on them. Spending hundreds of precious-hard-earned moolahs at a time. And many a times too, they'll go to rot.

Ma and ayah share the same passion. No. Correction, they are even worst! Money has never been a problem to them, so expensive shoe shopping is fine. Dad splurged on a sleek Ferragamos during his trip to Europe. He also bought a pair of Zara's. Which is rather weird, cause i thought that Zara's are only for women. And yeah, not forgetting his Prada's. Ma's a little on the mellow side (although she did buy TWO pairs of the same designer shoes, different colours of course), her knacks are more towards handbags. All colours, shapes, size and design. The quirkier they are, the more likely she'll grab them.

Now, although this passion for shoes seem to be an inbred thing for me, i'm actually amazed at how clueless i can be when describing the many, many types or categories of shoes. Ayah nonetheless, is a master of this art. Well, fathers, they actually really do know stuff or they make it up. hahhaaa...

The next post, shall be on the different categories of shoes.

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