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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Vaureal, Paris

Date: 24th November 2007

Location: Vaureal, Paris
Time: 10.50pm

Touched down at Charles De Gaulle airport early this morning. The journey was ok except for the slight turbulances and the mild clusterphobia. Danial and Heikal slept thru the whole journey!! They even skipped their meals. haaahahaa...

Upon touchdown, the temperature was exactly 0° celcius!! Yes, freezing point. Uncle Kassim and Aunty Kamariah was already there to greet us. :) We headed straight to their home in Vaureal, which is part of the Paris suburbs. Aunty Kqmqriqh even took the trouble of cooking us malay meql to ease the transition. After lunch, we went to the open market in St Chrsto. I bought myself a cool parka (which i lqter regret) and a pair of chaquard sneakers.

After dropping Sharifah off to the gym, we headed to Auchan, a huge supermarket in 95 Cergy, Osny. There, the folks went grocery shopping while i window shopped with the boys. We went home for a quick rest and shower before heading to one of the coolest place on planet fashion!!

Can you imagine a whole mall of factory outlets?? Its even divided into different boutiques!! I shopped like theres no tomorrow at MNG! the best thing is that, although its factory outlet items here, its not even out in Malaysia yet. And they array of shoes are endless! I was just afraid that my 500 Euro spending money would run out even before we get to belgium!

Will update as frequently as possible. Unfortunqtely, the photos will only be uploaded when i get back to Malaysia..

to ayang: Miss yah....

to all frens: Boo-yah!

ps: ayang sms-ed me and gave me the good news!! Nur Kiki has given birth!!

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