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Monday, 25 February 2008

Ouch!! My foot!! MY FOOT!!

I sprained n cracked my foot badly last two weeks!! It hurts like bloody hell. Was admitted at D'sara Specialist Hospital. Heheheeee... psss.. i lied to the doctor and ran away after the first day there.. heheheee but i had to be re-admitted after the 1 day hospital leave. 2day's the 1st day back at work after a loooong MC. There'll be a physio-therapy session 2morrow. I for one knows exactly how excrutiatingly painful that'll be. Damn. Double damn.
to those who visited me at the hospital, THANKS!

1 comment:

mollyjinxed said...

bumped into dayang at the ladies.. asked bout u.. told me bout ur foot

aiyoh.. please do take care

don be so ganas :P

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