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Friday, 11 April 2008

Catterpillars & Butterflies / Moonshine @ Laundry, The Curve

After all the shit that took place within the "PS Fammies", i braved myself to actually attend Moonshine. Skeptical at first, but went nontheless. Met the guys (the group seems much2 smaller last nite) right before the performance and joined them at stage side. Lucky for me, the show started just as i sat, this prevented the long awkward moments that i so dreaded and trying hard to avoid.

They were awesome! Fizul was on the guitar, Hadi on bass, Dwen on keyboard and Tawfik on maracas (hmm.. this rite tawfik?). The songs are so meaningful as there's a story behind each song. The story only us fammies know. When they started performing "cats and butts", i felt a tingling feeling in my heart. I nearly cried. Glanced around and noticed we all had our heads down silently singing along to this incredible song.

The show ended shortly after and i left for home after brief goodbyes and hugs.

"Bye korang" - Sheena
"Eh? You nak balik ker Sheena?" - Dwen
"A'ah.. Dan ader class pagi esok" - Sheena
"Ala. I have class too." - Weimun
"owh ok.. Bye.. Calling2 lah nanti" - Dwen

Sheena hugs Dwen and Weimun, with a heavy2 heart..
"Rindu korang..!" - Sheena
"Turun lah bawah sumtimes" - Weimun & Dwen
"Segan lah" - Sheena
"Tulah. Kitorg pun segan nak naik atas" - Weimun
Sheena smiles and shrugs

"Takpe2. Kite meetup in the middle! Kat pool!! ok??" - Weimun
"hehehee... okok..! I gtg!" - Sheena waves and rushes off, giving another hearty hug to Ittho b4 running off towards Dan

ps.. Miss y'all loads... and i leave this post with some memories of last nite...


"I still feel it, i still feel it, u'r not changing, i'm afraid for you.. Rockstars we don't go far.. We eat our hearts but they don't feel it..." cats & butts Tawfik (l) & Fizul (r)

This is Emir.

Bambang Perwito aka Itto

::US:: or what's left of it...


Haizum said...

Aww.. I don't know what's going on, but I hope you feel better. :D

I love going to gigs like Moonshine, but Laundry is just so bising, you can't really hear the music. I wish Reza would do it somewhere else. :(

Shereena Saini said...

thanks haizum. not feeling any better actually, but there's this feeling of lost.. sigh.. shit happens.. ppl change.. tul tak?

tapikan, i hope he'll not organise the gigs at places OTHER than laundry. thehehee. psl i'm staying at Palmspring and Laundry is owh-so-convenient! But true lah. Laundry too bising and most of the times, the vocals would tenggelam n inaudible even to the extend u tak dgr the lyrics at all! Other than that, i'm ALL FOR Laundry.

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