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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Noise, Lights, Music, LIFE!!!

Hey you guys, i know, i know. I've been MIA again. This time a little longer than usual. There's just too many happenings going on in my life rite now that i dont know where to start. Ok. Remember "Sucre"? Owh Syura should damn well remember!! heheeee.. Ok; me, him, OVER. Its done for. Why? Too complicated to story-lah. Though u all must know that we got off on a good note n we both still lurve each other dearly.

I've actually been spending quite alot of time and moolahs parting away. Something i've not done in aeons! Fun really. Go try it. I've really gotta tell y'all 'bout Euphoria by MOS. (that's Ministry Of Sound for those who don't know.) Euphoria had its official opening on the 2nd, which i missed coz me n the group were stranded by the NKVE when Man's car went kapooped. DANG! We went there though, trying to get it, but the doors were closed at 2.30am. What luck.. sigh.. But nonetheless, we've been there for the pre-launch and its simply awesome!!

Ok, here's the bad thing about Euphoria:
1. No smoking in the club. smoking is only permitted in the smoking room or the outdoor lounge area.
2. No ladies night
3. The cover-charge is the same for both men and ladies
4. The bottle prices are absurd!!

The good thing about Euphoria:
1. Excellent sound system!!
3. great selection of tunes! MOS approved only!
4. HUGE2 space
5. cool djs
6. Cool people. Nice blend of all races

There u have it. Might be going again 2nite!! Yipeekahyea! To date, i've already been there like 4 times; before and after the opening.

Mmmkay. After-parties are a must for us party people. There actually are a number of clubs that are often frequented for after-parties. The latest are centro@klsentral and 3Kingdom@sohoKL. Let's talk about centro first. Centro is situated smack in the middle of KL Sentral. Known for its late closing hours, it attracts clubbers of all kinds. That, i hate. There are just too many rempits and tiny booppers!! Some even look like they should be in school in a few hours or so. The selection of music also sucks major! A plus point for guys are they have bar dancers like those you see in Coyote Ugly. Green-eyed girlfriends, be warned as these hot2 chicks will have you clutching to your bfs like there's no tomorrow! Their dance are too erotic for the music played. Seriously, they should actually become lap dancers instead. Dodgiest place ever!! 2 thumbs down + a bluuuweek!

The latter, 3Kindom also boost a bad mix of crowd, but song wise, they beat centro anytime. One really great thing about 3Kingdom is the lightings. Their laser beams rules! Uber-cool!!

Hmm.. enuff already. I'll post some pics real soon kay. Till later. KISSES!!

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Shemah said...

Aww.. Sorry to hear about you and "Sucre".. Hope everything turns out for the best.. and I wish all is well for both of you. :)

Glad to hear that you're still enjoying yourself though! :D

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