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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bridal Hair-dos

To braid or to bun? To twist or to flow? To accessories or plain? Endless questions regarding the hairdo on the big day.

Goggled and found some incredible ones.

So now what say you? But then again, not all of the above suits me. The hairdo must first and foremost suit my facial structure, my baju style and also myself. Mama likes me in the updo. The one that has something like a mini beehive or the one used by most Indonesian tai tais. Those are okay i guess. I'm not gonna strike it off straight away, but for now, keep it in check.

psst: the last pix just so sweet and simply gorgeous doncha think?

Sheena the Lola

1 comment:

Katarina said...

This is really beautiful. I think it's very elegant and feminine. With this detail in her hair every girl to feel like a princess...

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