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Monday, 12 April 2010

Wedding Photography - BOOKED

Another strike off the list! Yeppa! Finally booked the photographer of choice. Sharil Affandi aka Bob from SAFFANDI PHOTO. I had actually forgotten all about him when i was compiling the quotes until i saw his email. Dear owh dear, i had actually asked him for a quote last December! Talk about kiasuism. hahhaaa...

Looked through the pdf brochure and recalled why i fell in love with his work in the first place.
1. He seems the friendly kind Not that i mind, but i do not want the photog to scare me and dominate the whole process..
2. His work is up to my standard
3. The package offered was reasonable price wise and we could afford it

Met him up last night and discussed the prospectus. Had a few things in the package changed to tailor to my needs. Like having two smaller sized album done instead of one big-sized one. Got the FOC pre-wedding. And best of all, only an additional RM300 for the third event which is the Akad Nikah.

Post-wedding portraiture is also thrown in with the package. ;) That and also one 12R enlargement. So worth it? I definitely think so!

sheena the lola

ps: We've gotten our rings..
pss: not even gonna tell you about it till after the big day... *winks*


Nazta Nata said...

good to see ur moving with the plans,or at least the things u Can plan,heheee,keep ur spirits up bif girl

ima said...

babe, u got ur ring already huh? care to share with me?? hehehe...

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