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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pre-Wedding Photography

My pre-wed photography is scheduled for 4th July. Many ideas are running through my head now (biaselah.. org advert kan..). I had in mind two themes:

1. Fallen Angel
2. Saloma & P.Ramlee

The first one, the idea is quite simple, but finding props to go along is rather tough. Try looking for a big enough pair of wings to suit the theme. That and telling moi truly that he has to do a little bit of acting (hahahaa.. tough luck!). pfft. Still has not strike it off the list, but decisions has to be made PRONTO. The theme was inspired by the movie "City of Angels". The angel being me. hehehheheheeeehe The characters though, are the inspiration of "Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet". Not the medieval one, but the Claire Danes and Leo DiCaprio adaptation. Nice huh? Shoot angle, i would really love to have myself (with the wings) to be standing among a huge crowd (imagine Petaling Street / Bkt Bintang), just standing there and looking over to Kiki, who'll be on the search for "his angel". Nice? To inject a little comic into the shoots, he'll be holding cards with silly sayings or phrases. Now... ain't that something, huh?

The next, like the name says, is kinda easy and fits the location well (old KTM Hotel). Even props are available everywhere. 

We'll have to see when the time comes.. Next week i'll have to make the call.

sheena the lola

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