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Monday, 23 August 2010

Abang's Birthday Buka Puasa @ Bora Asmara | 210820

hi all! Last Saturday, the Sainis' had the awesome-est buka puasa at Bora Asmara. I took the initiative of finding the buka buffet venue to avoid the squabbles of "nak makan katner?" "ntah. ikut jelah." "tatau. decide jelah memane"

So this year, i had to think 2 steps ahead. I surveyed online for great Ramadhan Buffet and ended with 3:

After painstakingly scrutinizing food review blogs, i placed my bet on Bora Ombak. But then, the location of Bora Ombak will definitely irk ayah off. Lucky for me, Bora Ombak's branch (sister company) is located nearer to us. 

I specially requested the Pondok as the sound of it just calms my nerves.. huh? Nemind.. Anyways, once we got there, ayah was already impressed with its Balinese setting, the buffet spread was also worth a mention. Okay, i have to admit its not 5 star impressive food, but everything else more than covers it. Since its Ramadhan, ayah mentioned to me twice before we arrived that he wanted to go to a place where there's a surau nearby. He was more than impressed with the surau at Bora Asmara. Another smile, another cookie point for me! Yess....!

Another plus point for them is also the live band serenading patrons throughout the night. As they went from table to table, Abang got his special birthday treat (spiced bananas with vanilla ice cream) together with a funky Selamat Hari Jadi and Panjang Umurnya..! For the special one added song, they played our Boyanese anthem La Obe (dunno if its spelled correctly). 

Usually, our family dinners will be eat, then lepak (not more than 1 hour) then, chiao... This time, we stayed till 9-ish. That's very unusual for the always-so-fast Sainis'. So all in all, my ratings:

On a scale of 1 -10 (10 being the highest)
Food - 8
Location - 10
Atmosphere / Cosyness - 10
Service - 8

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan..
Mama n me 
Lee (future sil) n me
A very shy Birthday boy..
"Arapa.. arapa alik.. la obe..." hehehee.. ayah enjoying his song..
A very full n satisfied Adik..
sheena the lola

location map:

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