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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Eid Mubarak 2010

This year's raya was awesome. The part i will cherish the most is the change i see in mama's siblings openness towards my family. The row that had placed a thick thick border between us has somehow vanished. Admittedly, i find it awkward at first and i have to keep reassuring myself its not some kind of a gimmick, but seeing its Raya, deep down i know Allah has answered mama's prayers. Alhamdullillah..

First day was the normal picture taking session and the salam raya. The boys impressively woke up really early without having all the aunts screaming at them! heeehee.. They've all grown up; huge! This year though, we didn't get to visit as many houses as we did before due to the Friday prayers. Menu for the day, Briyani!! 

We got to Tok Li's house and already they were cooking up the second batch!, and it was barely 12! Now.. what does that tell you about how awesome the briyani is. ;)

Okay.. for nearly amonth, my tummy had cleansed itself and detoxified itself, it was quite the rude shock when i stuffed them silly with spices, extra hot chillies, rice, butter and God-knows what else! Early next morning at precisely 5.30am, they went on a riot. That day, 11 hot, sweaty visits to Mr T. By 3pm, i was a rag doll. hahaaha.. what a sight..
My family headed back to Singapore that day, so sad.. I miss my family there.. Ergh! How the hell did i get into this shit hole in the first place! Should have paid my dues. PTPTN, please get me out of the blacklist.. Puhh-leeease!!!

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