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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Inai di jari..

Memula ikut hati memang taknak berinai. Bukan ape, yes i agree its nice and classic and traditional and all. Tapi i cant take the thought of having it time2 die nak ilang. Geli lah tgk... Berdot2.. heheehe..

But anyways, i went against all odds and decided to go along with it anyways. I found (or somehow WAS FOUND) by Seri Inai. Sembang punye sembang and after browsing thru their previous works, i booked them. 

Price - RM150 jer!
for both kaki n tangan regardless of design yg sarat or ciput je

Contact person: 
Kak Azie 

Some of her works:

sheena the lola

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