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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wedding Invites - Double Check!

Got the amended Walimatul Urus from Habib last night. He gave me the printed envelopes too! Nice.. So now, wedding invites are really sorted out. I'll be getting ready to prepare the guest-list soon. Hopefully nobody important is missed. 

Anyways, Habib is my fren who does printing stuffs. Ever came across kadkahwin.com or some other online wedding card vendors? Those are just some of HIS clients. Design wise, his designs ranges to the thousands! i'm not exaggerating, but you just hafta flip the albums and stop counting. 

You could try calling him for an appointment. Just mention you're a friend of mine for great deals!! (no worries, am not taking commissions off your orders) *scouts honour*

ps: He gave me an extremely good deal on Customised Surah Yassin too! Can't wait!

His details:
Name - Habib
Mobile - 012 6067 184

sheena the lola

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