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Monday, 28 February 2011

Can't sleep

I have always been the light sleeper in the family. Even the slightest tiniest squeak would get me round eyed. My sleeping habits has been rather erratic lately. Getting only a few hours of sleep is causing me migraines! Tell me about the sheep i've counted and i'll tell u they'd all jumped over the moon and went to sleepy hell. Reciting doas doesn't help too. It'll just make my mind wander further.  

Last resort will always be the trusty CI channel on Astro. Although that only seems to work when i'm back in my parents' guest room (ehem. yes.. i am a guest of theirs when i do go home). I tried reading but since books and I share a secret romance, like since i discovered the ABCs, i have to push away the idea if i EVER intent to do any sleeping at all. Tonight is no exception. I woke up suddenly to a bladder ready to burst, then spent a full hour tossing and turning and i ended up again in front of the TV. Didn't wanna wake up hubs as he has an early morning. That would just be so selfish of me, but he did wake up though.. My love tried to put me back to sleep by rubbing my back, but it just won't do. I am still wide awake. And he, after 10 minutes, started snoring.. Sigh.. Nights sayang..

So here I am, slumped in front of the PC, babbling away about my sleep amnesia. Now that my mind is running the marathon, i have to tell u this. What's on my mind actually is my little ebiz. How could i expand it? What should i do? What is the next step? I want a proper website for it. Done nicely with interesting layouts and the shiznits. I want it to grow. I want to watch my baby bloom. How could i generate more income? I have already committed myself to it when i resigned frm my day job and i know I can't turn back. I don't want to prove to others that their doubts were right and I have gone bonkers to even think this will work. 

"So what do are you doing now?" "Where are you attached to?"
Err.. Nowhere. I'm now concentrating fulltime on my online biz. "Owh.. Best nyer, dok rumah je.."

Dammit. I don't just stay home doing house chores and nothing else. Why don't you guys see it? Okay. Just for the records, this is what I do.

1. Packing customer's orders
2. Snapping pictures for the collection
3. Ironing the clothes to sell
4. Taking orders and replying emails / answering queries
5. Contacting various suppliers
6. Researching on what's in and whats passe
7. Contacting thousands of bazaar organisers and getting quotations
8. Coming up with marketing strategies
9. Doing the accounts
10. Selecting and editing the pictures that will be used for the blogshop/fb shop
11. Designing booth paraphernalia
12. Going thru the world wide web to get the best discounts and bargains
that and...

12. Cooking
13. Washing, drying and folding the laundry
14. Cleaning house

Its a one woman show that only hubs understands.. I'm lucky that he supports me whenever possible. 

I am still not sleepy.. Help.
sheena the retired lola

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