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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Project : The Marketplace Mini Home Boutique

My guestroom will be transformed! Since The Marketplace's items are growing by the dozen in a super fast manner, we think its about time we do something about it. The mess now is SUPER! There's barely a floor patch in sight!

Since we are aiming towards a physical shop anyways (hoping & praying), and also coz the fact that mama n ayah was so pissed with the room now, we decided to give it a makeover. We came up with a simple plan that we think would super suit the budget. Nothing fancy, but manageable. hahaaa.. It has to be coz hubs is not one for carpentry.

 am super loving the wonderful colours

 nice chill nook with the besties?

 this one looks a little exclusive...

 our plan looks a little like this one
no we wont be having toasters, but this just looks cool heheheee..

i want these hanging from the corner of the ceiling

Items purchased today
. wall uprights .
. L brackets .
. wall plus .
. leveller .

Project PROPOSED completion date: 17th July 2011

sheena the lola

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