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Friday, 5 October 2007

Garage lighting

Ahmer's a mechanic. Naturally, he spends hours on ends in the garage. It gets dark at night the single light does not help a single bit. He'll normally resort to using the mini torchlight between his teeth. And most times, i'll be his garage assistant. It sucks. You noticed that the garage can sometimes resemble a dungeon?? It's scary, spooky and littered with dangerous stuffs. I myself had suffered numerous cuts and bumps just by walking in there at night.

Planned on getting the oversized lighting for him that lights up the whole garage! He thinks its a bad idea to have the whole garage lighted when he only utilizes a portion/ corner or space at any one time. Its better to have different switches for different lights. Good garage lighting is hard to come by, especially if you don't have the expertise. I found that he can get what he exactly want in CarGuyGarage.com. They not only do that but also helps me decide which type of lighting is best suitable for the garage. Now, we won't have to waste on unnecessary electric bills. Maybe now we can finally start saving for the trip we've planned. Yippee!

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