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Saturday, 20 October 2007

No more cumbersome guides with Trustedplaces!

Lost? Not sure where to go when you're travelling? The travel guides proved to be a disaster and utter waste of money? No worries. Just login into Trustedplaces and get reviews of places posted by those who have been there. You can find reviews ranging from London bar to the Eiffel Tower and restaurants in Germany. No worries. Its also categorised in easy-to-find sections.

Trustedplaces is a community website that brings you reviews and information based on personal experiences. I read a few of the reviews and was amazed at some of the postings. It actually comes from the heart unlike travel brochures which sole purpose is to glorify a place for gaining customers and visitors.

I viewed a review on Ronnie Scott's Club in London and fell in love with it. Although its review is short and simple, it definitely got me curious. I'll keep in mind to visit if ever i get the chance to travel London. sigh...

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