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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A copycat i'm not nor am i a fake or flake but maybe i am. Can you tell?

Describing yourself to the world is so hard to do albeit knowing that we are the best qualified person to do so. Hahaaahaha..

So who am I? Who is Shereena Saini? to avoid being prude and sounding too full of myself, I'd select and choose carefully. Cool? Weird? Tomboy-ish? Funny? Talkative? Owh, but maybe to some people i like to be seen as creative? An artsy with a pinch of lemon. A dancing queen who doesn't dance? The chirper that doesn't chirp nor fly? Do my stripes fade accordingly to suit the situation? Or do i inherit something so obscure that it'll be so hard not to miss. My trait.

Try getting to know me. Try rounding up a few of my friends and gettin them to give a full detailed description of Sheena. What would they say? Would they say i'm abnoxious? A fluke?

I like to think of myself as different; but define different. What is different to my standards may just be so common in the eyes of others. Different?

je pour on ne donne pas l'âne d'un rat si u ne m'aiment pas. je suis simplement quel je suis. u croient-ils qu'u m'aimera même plus si je devais juste quitter être moi-même et être qu'u veulent que je sois ?

It these little things that leaves a huge impact. So you care?

Sheena the lola

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