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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Change of Wedding Venue & MORE HORRORS!

Had a heated argument with mama last night. She had decided that she wants the wedding venue changed! And had already cancelled our prior catering booking without informing me. Shocking ain't it. Especially since she and ayah  had already paid a whopping rm2.4k deposit (which could only be partly refunded).

I know its their ka-ching, but to waste it as such is errgh!! Another thing, the wedding invites are already printed! So now i hve to re-print the inlays. That itself my friend, is money down the toilet. *sobs*. Another issue that arose was the pelamin. Since the bersanding dah buat kat tempat lain, kite kene carik pelamin untuk malam nikah. Kalau venue tak tukaq and follows as planned, there will be no need for a pelamin nikah, as we could use the same pelamin that'll be used the next day during the bersanding ceremony. Owh danng! 

So smalam, i told mama that the pelamin that was booked earlier for the bersanding will be used for the malam bernikah and malam berinai. She will have to speak to Wazirah about that. Not sure if we are allowed any more changes. But i rase, its just a matter of removing the chairs and placing bantal for me and kiki.

Opps! Sorry, lupa nak cakap. The venue is changed to:

So i googgled the place up and found some awesome weddings which were held there..

The one that i like best is:

2nd would go to

the 3rd one actually i think is the best for me. Although i do like the open concept with having the pelamin on the platform/jeti (or whatever you call it), December is so not the right month to be doing so..

sheena the lola bridezilla

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