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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Guestlist & Wedding Invites

Alrighty. Wedding invites were ready one month back. So i think it's about time I collect names and addresses for distribution! There have been cases just recently about cards getting lost and not delivered on time. I sooo do not want that to happen to mine! Hey i spent good money to get it printed  so it better reaches in good time.

Me being me, out of the chaos MIGHT forget to include YOU in the guestlist. Taknak nanti ade yang kecik hati kate tak invite pulak.. If this happens, from the bottom of my heart, i apologise in advance ya. I don't mean to do so..

Thirdly, if you seriously doubt that you can make it to the wedding, please please save me the trouble by not asking for a card.. ;) Again, thats money down the drain. 

So, after all's being said, korang korang yang want the card (santek tau.... leh wat memorabilia).. Please gimme gimme your full mailing address and contact number.!! heeeheheee

2. At subject, please state "Sheena Wedding Card Address & Guestlist"

sheena the lola 

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