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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Paramore No More - Live in Malaysia 2010

Tweens and indies and pop rocks cuties brace urself for Paramore LIVE in MALAYSIA! Weeeee! I was trilled, but not excited about Paramore compared to the other bands that had performed in Malaysia recently. i had this idea of buying a couple of tickets for The Marketplace Giveaway, but damnn! The prices are just bull-g&*^#R%$!!!

Okay. Let's compare..

Jason Mraz - More working fans - ROCK ZONE (free standing stage front) - RM183 
Paramore - ROCK ZONE (free standing stage front) - RM358

So. Isn't this just ridiculous?? Jason Mraz's tix, whose fans range from kids to working adults to grandpops and are definitely with more $$, are priced lower then Paramore's; whose fans are in the NO INCOME range aged teens - early twenties?

Owh!! For crying out loud! Lets visualise the concert. Thousands of rich tweens screaming and bopping to the tunes of The Only Exception and Decode.. What a sight. heeheheee...

sheena the incorrigible lola

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