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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Diet - Day12

Breakfast was a cup of cereal. Lunch was a quickie tossed salad and the highlight was dinner..

Before tossing

After tossing ;)
What went into the salad? Lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, a spoon of baked beans, a slice of chicken salami, 1 boiled egg white.

The dressing? A dollop of HP BBQ sauce, course ground pepper, ground flaxseed

he said.. "Mcm mkn kat restaurant lah sayang!" yeay!  
Dory fish fillet marinated in chilli powder, seasoning, tumeric & grilled
Lightly stir fried snap beans, french beans, egg, bell pepper
fruit: Vietnam red dragon

i call this dish "Oriental Spicy Grilled Dory"

sheena the very heavy lola

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