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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Bunga Tangan / Hand Bouquet

okay.. 911! Baru dapat tau yang the mak andam for sanding tak sediakan hand bouquet. OUCH! so oleh kerana pocket sudah tidak mengizinkan me pi beli hand bouquest yg dah ready or tempahan, i decided to go with whatever creativity juices yg tinggal ni and buat hand bouquet sendiri. D.I.Y. 

Mama sgt2 creative bab gubahan bunga.. And very creative too.. So rase2nyer, i'm safe.. Googled hand bouquet and banyak sgt gambar2 yang cantik, which i will use as reference and also inspiration..

Gardenias, blue hydrangeas, and yellow and white daisies were combined. Very dreamy effect and also a colour that's subtle on the 'girly-ness level'... sigh.. nak!

yg ni pun sweet gak.. kene gak ngan theme colour right? Whte over gold is awesome kan? not too over bearing with the flowers.. 

nuff said. Nak!

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