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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Kad Perakuan Nikah Selangor .. Yeay.. Dh ade IC nikah!

Off to MAIS this morning to collect our Kad Perakuan Nikah and to rectify the typo error on our sijil nikah. Whats a Kad Nikah? Its an id for wedded Muslim couples (so bile kene tangkap khalwat, u need to just produce the cards to the majlis agama officers. Nah!). Ngeh ngeh ngeh.. Only after 3 weeks from our solemnisation, could we collect our Marriage Certifcates (Sijil Nikah) and with a photocopy of the cert, 2 passport photos (one for each spouse) and RM40, could we apply for the Kad Perakuan Nikah. The process takes 5 working days where u again have to come for collection.

I was a little pissed off to find an error in on my cert. Ayah's name was misspelled. When we asked about this, we were told that we had to pay RM30 for a new copy. WTH? Reason being; we had gotten our certs laminated and they can't correct it on the original. Owh blimmy. Paying for someone else mistake is stupid. And they even got to the cheek to "warn" us in the most sarcastic way. And the mistake was on their part. We had to, although reluctant, part with RM30. And; we had to come collect the cert (both must be present) after 5 working days. SAY WHAT??

Mmkay.. for those of you who'll be tying the knot soon or have just tied the knot, please take note of the process below. :)

1. After 3 weeks from date of solemnisation, go to the respective Majlis Agama to collect ur Sijil Nikah

2. Proceed to the Pendaftar Perkahwinan office to apply for the Kad Perakuan Nikah. Please have these prepared
- Photocopy of Sijil Nikah (1pc)
- 2 passport photos for each spouse - REMEMBER! LADIES MUST BE IN TUDUNG -
- RM40

3. Please keep receipt for collection purpose. 

Voila! And then, u'll get these..

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