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Monday, 2 May 2011

Wedding Sundays


 Shawl - Yamama
Vintage Dress - The Wardrobe
Vintage Black Maxi Skirt - The Marketplace
Wooden Heels - Martina Pink
Clutch - MNG Lmtd Ed.

Attended a wedding last yesterday. Was out of idea and was sick of wearing the same baju kurung over and over again. So i opted to wearing vintage instead. A little of the new matched with some olds to come out with a 'perfect' outfit befitting a vintage boss. Theehehe..

me and my 'sis' Ayuni
Reached there a little late, did not get to witness the highlight of the event where the King & Queen walks down the red carpet. sigh.. Actually the tardiness was the result of super tiredness by the Chick Magnet Bazaar @ Stellar the day before. Psst.. that was where i got the vintage dress.. Anyways, most of the pictures were damn shaky and blurred. So these was all i could salvage. 

sheena the retired hijabified lola

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