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Monday, 20 June 2011


I have been on an interview hiatus since Binwani's? Yups. Went for one last Friday and it was okay. Nerves was getting to me since i know i've not actually sat for a proper one for so long. Seriously, who likes interviews? You? Bet you hate it too. The one most hated question by moi is "Tell me about yourself". Hmm.. Okay. It gets to the point that you can actually memorize the answer.
"I'm this.. I used to do this.. I like doing this.. I have this.. etc etc etc."

I ended up being chatty (hopefully it doesn't demerit me) the whole way through. What i realised is that my answers has somewhat changed from the last time i was interview. The whole picture seems to evolve around financial security and money. The needs and priorities has changed. Before, i would have said more to the lines of self satisfaction, but now, i'm more inclined towards the notion of sound financial needs.

Hahaaa.. I think marriage caused this. Just praying that i do get selected for the second interview. The chap who interviewed me, said to wait for the call.

Just for laughs!

sheena the pessimistic lola

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