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Monday, 11 July 2011

I pray.

Yeay! My lil kid sil is pregnant! Its her second one. The in-laws are really filling the house with kiddies fast! Its non-stop wailing action for them 3 years in a row! One's pregs, heavy and ready to deliver and in comes the news of another baby by the other sister. The cycle continues till today. Owh my owh my. Happy as i am, i can't hide my tinge of jealousy.

They actually didn't wanna tell me, knowing how badly i am trying and didnt want me to feel let down. Somehow, it blurted out. I could remember feeling the blood draining down my face as i asked "adik, pregnant ke?" My congrats may have sounded a little fake, but i sincerely meant it. It sounded like a sheep's bleek "congggraaats..!" even the exclamation mark here seems over rated. 

So the ice broken, i could see that she was sad for me to and was trying to console me with pregnancy "tips & tricks". Thanks adikku, trust me i know and i'm trying...

I got my period on the 12th last month, so i'm expecting it any day soon. So tomorrow, if it doesn't appear, i'll be a happy camper. Mantra "Don't stress it".  If it does appear that im pregs, i'm sure he'll be ecstatic, especially since it'll be his bday on the 13th. 

sheena the TTC lola

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh dear kakcik. insyallah rezeki ada.. lambat or cepat je.. for now. enjoy life with kiki berdua.. nnt u would be running around chasing ur baby! :)


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