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Sunday, 24 June 2007

of Abbrakadabbraa and spells

I never thought in this age and day, there are still those who use "spells" on others. Magic as they say is an old tradition. Practiced for aeons even before civilisation. You see it in the movies, but you never thought it'll happen to you..

Last friday night, my family became a victim of this evil act. As usual, the boys were lepak-ing. They saw a man passing by and stopping to plant something in the grounds outside our gate but suspected nothing, it was only when my heikal drove out the jaguar, they saw the man panicking and hiding behind a tree. Sensing something fishy, they chased him only to find him getting into a waiting car. They even managed to kick and hit the car, hoping that the driver will stop, but they just sped away. Mama tried blocking the car with adik, but was nearly hit.

The planted fragment pieces looked very weird. Its shiny on one surface and wrinkled on the other. When placed together, they pieces are a perfect match. It looked like stone, but is not. Its then we realise that the man was actually trying to cast a spell on us.

Ayah and ma made a police report. The head of police even ordered more road-blocks at all shah alam exits. Later on, with the help of friends, we found another piece.

We were scared and angry. What we found out next was even more shocking. The little fragments that was planted are pieces of bones. We prayed and did what we could. We wrapped the pieces of bones in a white cloth and threw it into the Klang river. Its also a wee bit scary to know that the person responsible will try other means to cast the spell as his first attempt had failed. We were advised to pray and be extra careful for at least a week.

Nothing peculiar or bad has happened to us over the weekend, we pray it'll stay that way.

ps: ayah said the two men in the car were wearing kopiahs. They look 40-ish. The car is a wira plate; MAQ

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Donut said...

stupid people...let's just hope they burn in hell...mofo's~

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