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Friday, 22 June 2007

Redang tak tenang - The Second

We carried tables and chairs and placed them smack outside our pads. The party started off within barely a coupla hours, we were high on cloud nine. Very much later, we were joined by another group of travellers. They too are frm shah alam. They came with more drinks. This time around, none could escape. ekekekeeee.... We stayed on and managed to FINISH ALL drinks by 5.00am.
19th June 2007
As usual, i was the first one up (thanks to the trusty phone alarm which i greatly regretted taking along). Saw the chalet maintainance chap carrying our party chairs. He looked pissed. What i did later was not something to be proud of. I closed the door, woke Dion up. I told him to wake the others and help the poor chap. I went back to slumber land. heheheee...
ps: Dion and Heikal just sat and watched
Due to very very bad hang-over, breakfast was quiet. Glad to know that morning that our check-out time was extended. We had breakfast and went snorkelling, this time by ourselves. We were amazed to see humongous fishes!! and this, my friend is not anywhere in the middle of the sea. Its right under our noses!! The fishes, for one reason or the other are really friendly and hungry.
Lunch and check-out
Boat ride home...
to all those who were on this trip:
It was an experience to die for albeit all the hiccups.


eMptyCube said...

oo..dengar macam tak brapa best..but u guys had a wild nite i guess...hahaha

so hows everything now..ok ar.?
ehmm yeah thx sis..i do take ur advice..more a less we are now merely ..ehmm kawan jer.. no more no less...

well hope everything's fine on ur side...rasa macam nak lepak for the last time ngan korang before i go back to JB soon

Shereena Saini said...

hahahaa... ook..

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