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Monday, 8 December 2008

Bluuuweeeekk... Ppooooo...

Yesterday, i felt horrible!!! Woke up to a bad tummy at 6am, ended up being in there face in the hole for a solid 45 minutes puking and u know what from behind! Thinking it was just something i ate, i crawled back into bed and forced myself to sleep.

Again, i was awoken by the rumbling and unbearable tummy aches. Rushed to the toilet for another bout of puking and u know what from behind. It was horrible! Glanced at the clock to realised i had slept for only 15mins. Damn. It got worse and worse until there was absolutely nothing for my body to throw-up anymore. There was only gas and bitter-tasting stomach liquid coming out. so did whatever that came out the behind.

My brother had to fetch me to my parent's, by that time, i was as weak as a rag-doll. Today, for raya, i couldn't even eat. Tried eating, but everything that went in my mouth came back a little after 10-20 minutes later.

Ahh... now, the tummy still aches, but it's much better. Sobs... there goes rendang, there goes lontong and soto...

sheena the lola

1 comment:

a Q r a m said...

hahak..kesian nye...faster faster take pil chi kit teck aun..

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