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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Baby Hopes.. My fertility struggles..

The maternal clock ticks in. Every women (or most that i know of) has their plans all mapped out.. Get married, start a family. The aching of conceiving, holding your own bundle of joy has always been a dream for me. 

I've been married 4 months now and am trying so badly to conceive. It's a lot tougher than i figured it out to be. The stress level also increases each time my period comes and it seems that the more i try, the more people around me seem to get pregnant.

Being the first child and the first grandchild doesn't help either. Gatherings and meetings are sure to be filled with "When will u be expecting?" "Anything in the oven?" "Are you waiting for the right time?" If only they knew. I have to brave the questions with a straight face. More often then not, it'll get to me at the end of the day. I'm always the one feeling down. Even once i have asked myself this question "Am i infertile?"

I have yet to go to a fertility doctor since i'm now trying out to figure women's ovulation and my ovulation for that matters. hahaaha.. Found an Ovulation Calculator over the net. I can now say, i can't wait to try it. 

A friend of mine has also given me a TTC (trying to conceive) guide. Try reading through it. Maybe this can help you a little. 

My best read for the day: All the Wrong Reasons

sheena the struggling TTC lola


Hahaa.. Hokay already. I received many msgs teling me its only been 4 months and that i should not stress about it. Yes.. I know its only a short period of time. But i can't really tell myself to stop worrying right? Will stop to worry to much. Will enjoy the process. Will worry when the need to worry arises <- new mantra ;)

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