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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Macarons? Almond Meringue Cookies' more like it. Hmph!

Hit by the macaron bug! Each year in Singapore for raya, my cik mimah would serve these cute white candies with choc chips and bits of cornflakes. She calls 'em macarons. Not the french ones that we see now over the blogosphere and everywhere. Its just so cute and white and yummy! That was years back. 

Now, macaron fever has hit the streets big tme. U see 'em nearly everywhere and hey, honestly, who can resist those cute little colourful (but super duper damn sweet) munchies. Here in Malaysia, sadly, we can't really find good macarons like the Parisian ones. Who who the hell knows the difference anyways? Do you? Have you even tried one yet? Me neither. So who knows what the real Parisian macarons really taste like? I found out the hard way that macarons do not come cheap! RM4.20 for a piece?? Whoa! Lets bake 'em & save the wallet. Hmm..

For nearly a month now, i've been trying to bake these cute yummies. But have failed again and again and again. Psst.. I did post pictures of my failed macaron attempts, but i still do get raving reviews and the wows and wees. Amazing.. Its not even near close. My macarons are always grainy, feet-less and hollow. The amount of money i've thrown to achieve that perfect batch never arrives. So sad, but i won't be deterred. It indeed is the toughest  little cutie pie to bake. No wonder they cost so much. Tapi kalau dh slalu buat and when u get the hang of it, it should come easy kan? So takyah lah mahal sgt. :(

Poring over numerous macaron masters over the internet and reading through each and every one has given me the booster to actually go at it again. Hahahaaa.. I'm now actually resting the macron batch now. Hope this one turns out well, but i still get a feeling that it won't. It taste good though. Just not macarons.

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Anonymous said...

kakcik.. my mommy pon trying to make the perfect macarons. try visit her blog n check out the recipes she had tried ok http://emilycookingforays.blogspot.com/


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