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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My First Eid as Mrs Marzuki

This year is one of the most memorable eid for me. Celebrating as a Mrs! Wowwee!! Its feels different right from the start. Packing for two ain't as easy hokay.. For 29 years, i've been responsible for packing my own clothes, prepping the toiletry bag with my stuffs. Now there's so much more work to do. I have to make sure his baju melayu is ready, the sampin (which i eventually forgot altogether amidst the chaos), the shaver, the butang baju melayu and the list just keeps going.

Thats the crazy part.. The best; salam raya with my husband. Owh god.. Never thought it to be so emotional.. No. I did not cry, but there's this feeling i just can't describe. 

Sayang.. I'll cherish this moment always and forever. Selamat hari raya..

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