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Friday, 26 August 2011

Rainy Solemn Friday - Ups & Downs

Its raining. Hubs off to work and im at home pondering (or better yet, procrastinating) on selecting the pre-loves for this weekend's bazaar. Honest to goodness, im dead tired and all the shenanigans has worn me dry. 

But albeit all the disasters these past weeks, there was a few ups too.

- Received a call for interview at the Malaysian Canadian Business Council
- Interview that i think went well with one of Low Yat' Group's subsidiary
- An offer to do a short term advertising stint with the old ofc for 2 - 3 months
- An offer to do an event stint for a month with Bijou
- Hubs caramel pudding that was so good it sold like hot cakes at the bazaar

My silver lining..? Maybe. A big test of patience and faith sounds more like it. Sorry hubs, raya wont be like this in the future.. Thanks for standing strong by me and enduring this with me. It somewhats lifts a small burden off the shoulders. Hope its not adding to yours. 

Note to self "Be grateful Sheena. Grateful for those around you and what you have. The silver spoon is bend. So throw it out the window and get new, better ones".

sheena the grateful lola

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