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Friday, 28 October 2011

Horah to the new budget!

If you remember, i had ranted about the First Home Scheme (Skim Rumah Pertamaku) a coupla months back. Can't recall? Click here. So i'm evidently ecstatic with the announcement of the raise of the minimum cumulative wage from RM3000 per household to RM6000 per household! Now that's what i call reasonable and fair.

Apparently after they did a study on the earlier scheme legibility (Budget 2011), they realised it was utter nonsense. Now even the minimum price of the houses were raised to meet the price range of houses located in and near the city centre. Phew~ I am all applauds. So now, owning a home won't be a thought so ridiculous that you just brush off. It could one day be a reality.

Now MAYBE me and him could dream of the home we've always wanted. The landed property with our name to it. The condo, albeit its cool-ness and urban-ness, it just ain't the right choice for a family. Naah.. Not for us anyways. 

Now with the budget raised and things looking our way, i think its this is the best time after all for that new house. :D We've got 5 years left before being illegible for this scheme.
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